Cupcakes Pirates

Cupcakes Pirates

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Alligators can live from 35 up to 80 yrs.
Most alligators are 13 feet in length and weight around 600 pounds.
Alligators can run upto speeds of 20 miles and hour!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

playlist #1

Playlist #1 Fun songs make bake to
1) Missing- BECK
2)Golden Years-DAVID BOWIE
3)Fireflies-OWL CITY
4)Shame for you- LILLY ALLEN
5)Paper planes- M.I.A
7)We will become silhouettes- THE POSTAL SERVES
8)Save me- JEM
9)Boondocks- LITTLE BIG TOWN
10)Tell her about it- BILLY JOEL

Hope you make it and put it on your i-pod.
Enjoy if you like it leave a comment and ill be making more :)

Fun lunch for everyone!

 We all know how hard it is to get kids (or our husbands) to eat
veggie and normal things they dont want to eat or even try.
The best way to get them to eat their lunch or be envied by all their
friends at school is to make it special. When I was in younger grades my
mom drew a small pic of something different everyday on my lunch bag. After 
a while everyone in the class wanted to know what it was today. It made me feel special
and made me know she cared. We all care what our kids eat and we want them to know
we love them, so take the extra 3 min in the morning or night before and do something awesome!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

oh cupcakes

Im on a crazy workout plan and health food kick
But all I want are cupcakes

funny bird

Just for a laugh

Monday, February 22, 2010


All kids love monsters and here are afew ideas to
make any day with the kids fun and exciting for them.

Let them make their own monsters

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Candy Sushi

Doesn't that look good. But you know what would
make this better?! If it were candy!
Well it can be easy and look amazing all made out of candy

All you need is fruit roll up
gummy worms
swedish fish
rice crispy treats ( you make them)

edible arrangments at home

So who doesn't want flowers delivered to them on
a birthday, anniversary, ect. Well their are other opptions besides
flowers now a days, and my fav one is Edible Arrangments.
But if you order from their stores you could be dropping a pritty penny.
So get together
pink mellon
green mellon
and lets get started
All you have to do is buy a bag of kabab skewers.
Take flower shape cookie cutters and cut into a strong fruit like pineapple to make flower shape.
Then as you can see cut strawberry leaves off and pop it on as center of flower.
You can also use grapes for center of flowers.
I used small pear shaped cookie cutter on melon. Also cut melon in swirling
shapes. Anything that makes the center peice more visual appealing the better.

Guest love a healthy option that tastes Awesome!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

gun birthday cakes!

It was just my husbands birthday and as I was racking my
brain for some cake or cupcake idea for him.
 I got thinking about his hobbys, First thing that
came to mind was shooting.
My husband is recently into target shooting and
Has just received this concealed and carry permit.
So while he was at work i took his gun and used it as
a modle. I made his gun out of fondant.
His gun had wooden grips so i took brown sugar, mixed it
with a little water and painted it on handle. It ended up looking
close to wood grain. Cant really tell in this pic.

baby shower cupcakes

So my friend megan is having a baby and
we wanted to throw her a great shower.
Great shower = great cupcakes

The icing is vanilla out of the can. But its mixed with
peanut butter to make an amazing icing. Its a hit an every party
you should all try it. Its alittle bit more vanilla icing to peanut butter

I had taken choc molds and put fondant in them.
Once they harden in the fridge I took them out and painted
them with food coloring.Aftor making 60 of these cupcakes
I think it would have been just as good if I justed used choc in
the choc molds.


The new trend is owls.
The vintage 70s look is super hot
right now and to keep up with the
cute owl theme we must bake owl cupcakes
Fondant for the body is best to have a sturdy ground
Then you can make the V shape feathers with a small
pastry tip.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


So we all love hello kitty we have grown up with her
and now kids are taken the love of hello kitty back
and they need cupcakes to celebrate her.
M&M's for eyes and nose
Black licorice for whiskers
vanilla waffers for ears
and pink good and plenty s for bow

Fun project

Everyone needs some color in their life. So If you need more green
 or yellows this is the project for you.
Now you can use an assortment of kitchen tools to make
the space for the tea light. Cheap and easy way to bring
Color and light into your living room, dinning room, or kitchen.

meringue are the bomb!

Meringues are an amazing treat that I think everyone has forgotten about. You pop these little cookies
in your mouth and just let it melt. They are mostly pastel colors, so they are prefect for easter, baby showers,
and anytime come spring. Very simples to make and not all that bad for you. They are sugar and egg whites so if you use spenda they can be alittle healther then cookies with butter and oil.
use all kinds of colors and sprinkles just have fun with it and
then bring them to work.

Looking for a perfect icing

We have found a perfect choc glaze like icing for
small cakes and cupcakes. This is Andi Kovels receipe

Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » in the kitchen with: andi kovel

Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » in the kitchen with: andi kovel: "Icing.
2 bars of semisweet baking chocolate ( I like Ghirardelli’s)
1 tbs of vanilla
1/4 cup brewed coffee (this amount is variable)
1/2 can sweetened condensed milk
rainbow sprinkles (balls, not jimmies, if you want to really replicate)"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Our Inspirations is a wedding Bouquet of spider mums.
The wedding colorsour brite green and white.
And these are the cupcakes inspired by our spider mums.

cupcakes for our hair

We start out with Martha Stewart stickers from
Micheals arts and crafts store. The clips above are
From any walmart or cvs in the Hair department.
The plastic hair combs also can be found at Micheals
or Hobby Lobby. I've cut this comb into two smaller
pieces so they fit the stickers.
Now I have used super glue and hot glue to attach
the stickers on to the combs and barrettes.
 But first make sure you glue paper to
the backs of stickers so you dont get the sticker part
caught in your hair.