Cupcakes Pirates

Cupcakes Pirates

Sunday, February 21, 2010

edible arrangments at home

So who doesn't want flowers delivered to them on
a birthday, anniversary, ect. Well their are other opptions besides
flowers now a days, and my fav one is Edible Arrangments.
But if you order from their stores you could be dropping a pritty penny.
So get together
pink mellon
green mellon
and lets get started
All you have to do is buy a bag of kabab skewers.
Take flower shape cookie cutters and cut into a strong fruit like pineapple to make flower shape.
Then as you can see cut strawberry leaves off and pop it on as center of flower.
You can also use grapes for center of flowers.
I used small pear shaped cookie cutter on melon. Also cut melon in swirling
shapes. Anything that makes the center peice more visual appealing the better.

Guest love a healthy option that tastes Awesome!

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